The Standard Insurance Company of Portland, Oregon denied my disability claim by deliberately refusing to thoroughly and fairly reviewing my claim and then sent me a denial letter full of deliberate lies. If anyone is in the middle of a disability claim dispute or review, please feel free to call me at 423-737-6011.

You won't believe what The Standard did to me, and you might find out what you are in for. Also, research The Standard Insurance Company and bad faith business practices on the Internet. The Good Morning American website features a a story how The Standard tried to screw a man with MS from getting his benefits. Again call me at the above number if you need to vent about what is happening to you.

American claimants need to stand up against the fraud that is taking place in this country from disability insurance companies.

Also, you might want to post your complaint on this website and leave your phone number so others can contact you and perhaps "shared communication" will result in the formation of a a collective body to address this issue with state regulators who seem to be doing little about this fraud on the American consumer. Also, federal regulators need to get in on this if the state regulators refuse to protect the resident in their states.

Monetary Loss: $138.

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Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #759426

standard has very devious methods to deny you. i have been with them for many years and it is a constant battle. they are unscrupulous.

Portland, Oregon, United States #729164

I seriously doubt this person is an Attorney trying to drum up business. Dell and Schaefer are voted best by their peers, they don't need to go on complaint boards to get business.

Business comes to them because so many insurers are shady and deny legitimate claims. Cigna is just as bad.

I think Chubb may be the only one left that is decent. 2 cents.

There aren't many complaints here because most have their utilities turned off because Standard didn't protect their income.


Before filing a Disability Appeal with Standard Insurance or any other when you are denied please search the internet for Dell & Schaefer Law Firm. They have great information in their videos and written pages.

Look at all of them and they will give you so much information to what some Disability Insurance Companies do to make you give up. Also look up the United States Senate Committee on Finance which is a 2 hour video with guest speakers started by Senator Max Baucus (Montana) and watch the entire video. It was made I believe in 2010. It's very interesting and full of great information.

Please be aware that if you are ever all of a sudden denied after having received benefits for whatever reason they state, if they include a check for a partial month, DO NOT CASH IT! That will tell them that you agree with the denial.

You will have 180 days to appeal it and take the full 180 days as a new problem can appear and you will be able to submit the information in with your written appeal. Good Luck All!

Ballwin, Missouri, United States #614483

The company is a rip off they simply lie and manufacture so much false bunk that it confuses anyone looking at a claim they do this systematically. Buyer beware. You might pay for it but it will take a lawyer to sue them to get them to pay.


Sketchy complaint from anonymous. Looks like an attorney drumming up business.

Good to see there aren't many complaints here. Significantly better than my research of Cigna who is also competing for my companies business.

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