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Worst customer service I have ever encountered! They have a bunch of children running this office.

I have to many complaints that I dont even know where to begin. When I first stated with company a year ago, i was at a car dealership and contacted them to fax a paper to the dealership verifiying that i had converage. I had to call 5 times and wait 2 and half hours before i fianlly said i would cancel my policy if they didnt send it. During that year they continuously sent me forms for excluded drivers stating that i had to send them back or they would cancel my policy.

Only problem is i have never met the people that they wanted me to sign these forms on. It was a contstant battle everythime i called. The girl that answers the phone is snotty and rude and shouldnt be allowed to be a voice in any company. Then my poicy expired without even a request to renew or any kind of notice.

I had to recieve a letter from my car dealership stating that they were going to charge me 1$1,800 for insurance since mine was expired. I called them to renew my policy and ran into the same issues again. They emailed the forms requesting that i sign paper work on people ive never met. When i called to talk to Craig, my agent, he tells me that its all the more reason to sign the papers because i dont know the people.

WTH?! Then he uses such professional language as " We are not trying to battle you miss" huh?! What kind of professional talks like this? When I requested to talk to a Manager or be given the corporate office number to complain they actually refused stating that i needed to talk to them becuase they were the corportate office then suddenly anyone in charge was at lunch.

I called back again and was given to Ricardo Cardenas who seemed like he did not want to give up any head peoples names either and that i should deal with him.

I was finally given the email address of Chad Young who they said was the head of the company. Ill be emailing him shortly and hopefully this can all be fixed.

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Hurst, Texas, United States #778855

It would appear that you are complaining about Standard Insurance Agency, but have posted it under a company with a similar name, Standard Insurance Company. This company DOES NOT sell or service home or automobile insurance, so your complaint is registered in the wrong place.


If "The Standard" is a lack of professionalism....then "The Standard" is well deserved my these bozos! I will never conduct business with them again as long as I live!

They provided NO customer service and sent form letter after form letter denying my claim! They collect their premiums with clockwork but when a customer is in need...they forget about YOU!

I hope never to be an inpatient for three weeks in hosp ital again nor off work for an additional four months...but if I ever do.....I would rather die first than to send another claim to 'The Standard' again! :upset

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